Dakota War Special

Our friends over at Books and Culture have just run a special 2-part series on the Dakota War of 1862. Check it out. And also a good time, if you missed it, to read our previous post on the Dakota War, based on Jennifer Graber's excellent article "Mighty Upheaval on the Minnesota Frontier: Violence, War, and Death in Dakota and Missionary Christianity," Church History 80 (March 2011): 76-108. And speaking of Jennifer Graber, here's a link to her interview at that award-winning, million-person-hit-per-day, about-to-be-purchased-by-yahoo-for-1-million-dollars blog edited by Kevin Schultz TUSH.0.
Battle of Birch Coulee, September 2, 1862http://www1.assumption.edu/users/mcclymer/his260/defaultsioux.html


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