New Blog: The Feminist Mystique

For those of you who are searching for new and interesting blogs, we at RiAH just ran into The Feminist Mystique. It has some fascinating posts on what the Bible says about menstuation, theology of the body, and the "last name project." Here is a paragraph on it from founder and editor Shannon Hill.

The Feminist Mystique explores contemporary feminism, women's rights, and gender issues, with a special focus on the intersection ofgender and religion. The blog aims to provide an intelligent and fresh feminis tperspective on current events and explores how to fully live a feminist life,one that helps make the world a better place for women. It covers everything from the big issues—such as reproductive rights, women’s leadership and participation in the Catholic Church, sexual violence, and child care—to everyday feminist issues—such as ethical eating and shopping, safe cosmetics, what to do with a last name upon marriage, and parenting.

The Feminist Mystique was founded by Shannon Hill, a writer and feminist activist. She holds an M.A. in Religion and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Yale and a B.A. in Religion and Women's Studies from Wellesley College. In addition to blogging, Shannon works as a freelance grant writer, a fellow at All Our Kin, the Yale Women Faculty Forum, and the Zigler Center for Child Development and Social Policy, and as a reviewer for Publishers Weekly.


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