New Resources in African American Religions

Edward J. Blum

I'm rushing out to NYC to see some old friends and their new babies (Enrights, here we come). But I wanted to draw your attention to a blog that I have been absolutely loving for a while and a new article on teaching W. E. B. Du Bois and religion by our own Phil Sinitiere.

First, you may want to check out "Rhetoric, Race, and Religion," edited by Professor Andre E Johnson, the Dr. James L. Netters Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Religion and African American Studies at Memphis Theological Seminary. The contributors are some of the finest young minds in the study of race and religion, including Armondo Collins (PhD student at UNC Greensboro), Brian Foulks (church planter, missionary, and social activist), Cona' Marshall (PhD student at Michigan State University), Crystal S. Matie Lewis (blogger and writer), and a team of folks listed here. Not only does Professor Johnson edit this blog, but he also hosts a book club online where scholars interact with readers (they just had James Cone as their guest!).

Second is a wonderful new article at The History Teacher from Phil Sinitiere. It looks at how to include W. E. B. Du Bois when teaching US religious history and highlights some primary texts that are particularly useful. Those of you who know Phil know that he knows a lot about US religious history. His research and writing move far and wide, and this is an excellent example of using one person and his writings to illuminate a whole bunch of issues.


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