A New Look (And Podcast) for the Journal of Southern Religion

The Journal of
Southern Religion

Art Remillard

What's new with the Journal of Southern Religion?  Actually, I should say, what isn't new?  After the release of Volume 13 last summer, Emily Clark stepped into her new role as managing editor and handed off the web editing duties to Lincoln Mullen.  Thanks to Lincoln's boundless creativity and diligent efforts, the site has a new look and a bunch of cool features.  You'll find links to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Our blog is up and running.  And, if you want regular announcements, join our e-mail list or subscribe to our feed.

You can also click around Volume 13 to see how it has changed.  Make sure to open Chad Seales's fine article, "An Old Love for New Things," and behold the awesomeness of our new footnotes.  I won't ruin the surprise.  Let's just say that it resolves many of those pesky first world problems associated with online articles and footnotes. You might also read the excellent review of Patrick Mason's The Mormon Menace: Violence and Anti-Mormonism in the Postbellum South.  After that, find us on iTunes or click over to our New Media page and download my new podcast interview with the author.  In our conversation, Patrick explains what initially drew him to this unique project, offers insights into how he conceptualized violence to frame his narrative, and compares anti-Mormonism to the prejudices faced by Jews and Catholics. He also discusses future projects and shares his thoughts on what Mitt Romney's candidacy might mean for Mormons in the South and nationally.

We have more podcasts on the way.  JSR co-editor Mike Pasquier will be interviewing Jeff Wilson on his new book Dixie Dharma: Inside a Buddhist Temple in the American South.  After that, I will be talking with Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter about his new book, God's Right Hand: How Jerry Falwell Made God a Republican and Baptized the American Right.  Meanwhile, if you haven't listened to my interview with our own Paul Harvey on his book, Moses, Jesus, and the Trickster in the Evangelical South be sure to check it out.

I want to again thank Lincoln for his outstanding work.  With him on our team, we can continue contributing to the conversation on southern religion in new and interesting ways.


John G. Turner said…
Fabulous issue -- I have only begun dipping into it, but I found the exchange between Randall Balmer and Daniel Williams of great interest.
Edward J. Blum said…
great work; admired the journal before, and now I think it's one of the best things going on this old world wide web
Kelly J. Baker said…
Congrats to Mike, Art, Luke, Emily and Lincoln for the fabulous new site! I look forward to seeing how the JSR continues to evolve and progress.
Curtis J Evans said…
Really good stuff. Thanks for the link.

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