Sehat wins Frederick Jackson Turner Award, and Other Congratulations!

Paul Harvey

Remember a while back when I said that books that got early extended attention on this blog seem to be on the inside track to winning the biggest awards - including Darren Dochuk's Dunning Prize for From Bible Belt to Sunbelt, and Anne Hyde's Bancroft Prize for Empires, Nations, and Families? (Update: Dochuk's book has also just been awarded the Ellis Hawley Prize from the Organization of American Historians -- congrats again to Darren!).

Ok, yes, you do remember. Now add another one to your list. David Sehat, whose important book The Myth of American Religious Freedom has been discussed here extensively (including our two part interview with Sehat last year), has been named the 2012 winner of the Frederick Jackson Turner award from the Organization of American Historians. The award goes to the author of what is judged the best first book in American History; past winners have included Danielle McGuire, Walter Johnson, Glenda Gilmore, Bethany Moreton, Tiya Miles, David Brooks, and many others. Another big award for a friend of the blog. Congratulations to David! Richly deserved, of course, as our bloggers here recognized when the book was still in galleys.

And a couple of other congratulations to extend. First, John Turner will be taking a new position at George Mason University next year, while Kerry Pimblott, fresh off finishing her dissertation at the University of Illinois, will be taking a position at the University of Wyoming. Finally, Chris Beneke gamely posted his photos of some old faculty men v. students/ringers intramural championship basketball game on his Facebook page. That deserves some kind of Hubris award.

Update: I meant to put this in the original, but neglected to -- congratulations to our contributor David Stowe, who will be enjoying a one-year fellowship next year at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, where he will be working on his next book Babylon Revisited: How Psalm 137 Helped Americans Make a Nation.


Chris Beneke said…
You're just checking to see if I'm still reading the blog aren't you? Well, I'm not--at least for the rest of the evening. (p.s. you neglected to note that I recently struck out an 8 and 6 year-old in backyard whiffle ball. Both on hard sliders.)
Chris Beneke said…
Congratulations to David, John, and Kerry!
Paul Harvey said…
Chris, hope you went high and in on them -- teach them the hard lessons of life early.
Chris Beneke said…
I did. They were crowding the plate.
Edward J. Blum said…
hearty congratulations to all; wonderful news

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