Religion and Politics: New Online Journal Out Next Month

Paul Harvey

I'm pleased to let you all know about the much-anticipated online journal Religion and Politics, soon to be published digitally by the Danforth Center on Religion & Politics at Washington University at St. Louis. R. Marie Griffith, formerly of Princeton and Harvard, has taken up the task of heading the Center, joined on the faculty there by Leigh Schmidt. Tiffany Stanley and Max Mueller (who has blogged here before) are serving also as editors of the journal. The editorial board includes folks such as Jackson Lears, Mark Silk, Diane Winston, Robert Wuthnow, and others. 

I have written a piece on religion and politics in Colorado which I believe will be posted there in one of its early editions, and some other authors have been contracted to write about their own state. My piece reflects on the vast range of religio-political diversity up and down the front range of Colorado, within a 90 minute drive, featuring the yin of Colorado Springs and the yang of Boulder. I also read a fantastic sample piece on Indiana, which I think should be a highlight. 

One other cool thing -- the Center already has been featuring a roster of stellar scholars, writers, and journalists to give public lectures, and then making those available. A recent one of note: Laurie Maffly-Kipp speaks on "The Long Approach to the Mormon Moment: The Making of an American Church." Click on the link for the full lecture, and if you'll look over to the thumbnails on the right you'll see the other ones available there to listen to, play in class, or sample. 

Max recently wrote the following, which I'm copying here to promote the launch of the journal:

Tiffany Stanley, Marie Griffith and I have the past year helping to create Religion & Politics, a new online journal published out of Washington University in St. Louis.

After much anticipation, we launch next month. 

Prior to our beta launch, we’re hoping to get a base of social media followers. What can you do to help?

          Pretty please like us on Facebook.
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         And tell all your friends!


Edward J. Blum said…
Wow! Sounds terrific and I can't wait to read.
Very cool stuff. Looking forward it!
Christopher said…
This should be good. I'm excited.
Sean McCloud said…
Thanks for the kind words about my Indiana piece, Paul! Sean

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