Manning Marable's Lifetime Achievement Award

Paul Harvey

And while we're on the subject of religion and politics -- congratulations, posthumously, to Manning Marable, winner of this year's Pulitzer Prize in History for his work Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. Consider this a good time to check out Emily Clark's review of the work here last year.  As usual, one of our bloggers here was first, or one of the first, to the story. (And I'd like to point out that my longtime friend Anne Hyde, whose Bancroft Prize I blogged about just a while ago, was a finalist for this Pulitzer as well).


Christopher said…
Good stuff, Paul. It was Emily's excellent and thorough review of Marable's biography that initially alerted me to it and convinced me to purchase it. A well-deserved award.
esclark said…
I am so happy that Marable won for his biography of Malcolm. Well-deserved indeed! And thanks for the shout-out Paul.
Samuel Brown said…
I'm 80 pages in, and I'm loving the biography. Glad to hear it won the award.

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