Another Award for Harvey ... time to ask, is it evidence of prosperity gospel truth?

Congratulations to Paul Harvey for winning the UCCS Chancellor's Award. The author of so many terrific books; the editor of a blog that we read for some unknown reason; a passionate teacher who tries not to get too upset with his students who still, for yet other unknown reasons, support the Confederacy (or at least its "rights"), Paul has another trophy to put on his mantle. Now, if only he could win some kind of award for his jumper.


Congrats, Paul! A well deserved honor!
Paul Harvey said…
"Worst jumper since Manute Bol launched his last shot" award, otherwise known as the "my bad" award.
Randall said…
Along with the orangutan, I raise a thumbs up for Paul!
David Stowe said…
We've never met, Paul, and I don't know half of what you do, but it seems you accomplish at least twice as much as anyone else I know. Congratulations on this recognition, and for making the world more stimulating for the rest of us.

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