Spring Breaks, Broken Fingers, And a Preview of Coming Attractions

Paul Harvey

To all our faithful blog readers, just a note that this week I'll be on spring break not so much because it is spring break in the semester for me (even though it is), but because a broken index finger suffered in a final-four quality outdoor basketball rumble  incredible display of athletic talent  old man game last Friday has made it very difficult to type presently! (Ed Blum was here and dominated the post play in that game, in case you were wondering).

Anyway, we'll be off for a short bit, but more importantly this Friday, we are giving over the blog to Ed and a variety of other authors (including Arlene M. Sánchez-Walsh, Shawn Copeland, the artist Janet McKenzie, and some others) from Friday, March 30, until Easter Sunday April 8 for a very special series, "The Faces and Places of Jesus." Ed asked a variety of scholars, artists, writers, and intellectuals a series of questions on their personal images/imaginings of Jesus, and he'll be posting their responses. Ed will start us out with an introduction, coming up this Friday, and each day after that we'll have an individual poster.

(A note to my other contributors -- we're clearing out the blog during that period for this special series, so if you have any posts to put up then, please put them up either before this Friday or just wait until after Sunday the 8th).

The series also came about because we wanted to talk to/hear from some of the scholars and artists who had been influential on us in preparing our co-authored book The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America, due out in September from UNC Press. More on the book closer to publication, but for me it has been the most rewarding and enriching scholarly experience of my life to collaborate with Ed on this project over the past 6-7 years. Feel free to click on the link above and "like" the book's facebook page.

I'll be back here after our series, but for now, we'll take a short time off and then you all should really enjoy a special treat in the upcoming series that Ed has compiled and will be posting here starting Friday.


Anonymous said…
Very much looking forward to the blog series and the book!
Edward J. Blum said…
all those who have played with Paul know that it's always final 4 time with him. He has a big plaque outside of his office that reads: "Play like a champion!" and every shot looks straight out of hoosiers.
anyone need a short point guard with a mean skyhook?

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