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Art Remillard

The Journal of Southern Religion keeps moving forward, making the most of our online format.  Thanks to our new webmaster, Lincoln Mullen, the site will soon have a new look.  We'll also be Twittering in the coming weeks, and we're already on Facebook.  [2-27 Update...we're officially on TwitterAnd this past Friday, I had the pleasure of recording the first JSR podcast, an interview with our own Paul Harvey about his new book, Moses, Jesus, and the Trickster in the Evangelical South.  Lincoln is working on getting us on iTunes, but in the meantime, you can download the podcast here. The revamped site will a podcast section as well.  (Also, we'll have a section for donations, so if you like the podcast and everything else that we're doing, please consider offering your support--I work at a Franciscan university, so I see no shame in begging.)

Paul and I covered a range of topics, from his experiences at the Lamar Lectures in Southern History at Mercer University, to his unique collection of sources.  (He recently uploaded some of the book's folk art images to his website.) We also discussed his decision to frame the book as a "throwback to an earlier kind of religious history that centered on Protestantism and marginalized other traditions."  Long story short, it's a "throwback" only insofar as it examines the evangelical majority.  Otherwise, as he explains, this "center" is quite complex, particularly on matters of race.  Despite his nuanced response, I pounced on the opportunity to shamelessly self-promote my own book, which does examine "other traditions." But I don't claim that they were on equal footing.  That would be, as Paul put it, "flat not true."

So we hope that you enjoy the podcast.  With any luck, there will be many more in the future!          


esclark said…
Fantastic first installment!
Anonymous said…
So will future works on US religious historiography have a paragraph that reads: "Then, in 2011 and 2012, Paul Harvey published four path-breaking works and singlehandedly redefined a number of fields in US religious history."??? Way to go Paul!
Paul Harvey said…
Hey you all, follow Journal of Southern Religion on Twitter @JSReligion

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