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Paul Harvey

Posting will be light while many of us are at the AHA/ASCH. In the meantime, enjoy this very thoughtful review of Randall Stephens and Karl Giberson's The Anointed, by Molly Worthen, in the New York Times. And this one by John Schmalzbauer. Both are fruitful examinations/appreciations/critiques of the work. See ya'll back here soon.


Curtis J. Evans said…
Thanks, Paul. Both of these are excellent and careful reviews of "The Anointed." Both also felt that Stephens and Giberson overlooked a scholar and literary such as C. S. Lewis, who remains very popular among evangelicals, despite their general hostility to credentialed scholars and experts. Schmalzbauer also suggests that more could have been done on the "how" evangelicals in the pews and in the context of Bible studies reinterpret or alter what is taught in books, in church pulpits, over the radio, etc. I will refrain from commenting until I've more carefully read the book, having only scanned it after I recently purchased it. Even so, I think these two reviews are quite thoughtful and balanced; much more than can be said for some of the other unfortunate and mean-spirited hatchet jobs out there.