Rethinking White Protestantism and the Long Civil Rights Struggle

Paul Harvey

Several of our bloggers are at the 2011 meeting of the American Studies Association in Baltimore -- where I too would be, except that I am due in Baltimore next week for the 2011 Southern Historical Association meeting, and there's just so many of those cross country flyover things I can do at any given time. Anyway, while we're hoping that Kelly, Mike or someone else might blog about the ASA here, you can follow them realtime at the hashtag #2011ASA.

For those of you going to the Southern, our panel unfortunately got put into the dreaded Sunday morning time slot (figures that the religion panel would go there, right?), but the papers propose new stories and ways of thinking about the civil rights struggle and the place of white Protestants within it, and I'm looking forward to the discussion. Here's the information below -- the "Sunday" referenced is Sunday Oct. 30 in the Sheraton Baltimore City Center.

Sunday, October 30: 9:00-11:00 A.M. Hopkins


PRESIDING: Clive Webb, University of Sussex

―What We Could Not Do Through Ourselves Alone: The Federal Council of Churches
and the Challenge of Social Change
Curtis J. Evans, University of Chicago

―A Prostitution of the Church to Political Purposes‖: The Hattiesburg Ministers’ Project,
White Religion, and the Struggle of Black Equality
Carolyn R. Dupont, Eastern Kentucky University

The Desegregation of Church-Sponsored Colleges and the Roots of ―Colorblind‖
Evangelicalism in South Carolina
J. Russell Hawkins, Indiana Wesleyan University

COMMENTS: Paul Harvey, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Clive Web


Bryan Kessler said…
Well, I'll be there. It's one of the first ones I circled when I got the program. hope the cross-country travel goes well.
Kelly J. Baker said…
Paul, Mike and I plan to blog about ASA, so now you have to do SHA. Thanks for the twitter shout-out!
Paul Harvey said…
Kelly, it's a deal.

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