Dochuk Wins Dunning Prize

Paul Harvey

Late breaking news -- I heard *rumor* at the Southern Hist. Association meeting that our friend Darren Dochuk had won yet another award for his book From Bible Belt to Sunbelt -- and remember we did an extensive interview with the author here and here.

Rumor was right: Darren has been awarded the Dunning Prize of the American Historical Association, named every other year for "the best book on any subject pertaining to the history of the United States." Wow!

Previous winners make a list of "hall of famers" for recent historians -- including Daniel Usner, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Nick Salvatore, Peggy Pascoe, and others. You historians out there will recognize that as an all-star lineup for real.

Between the Dunning Prize and our contributor Deg winning the C. Vann Woodward award from the SHA, it's been a good week for contributors and friends of the blog. I was fortunate to get to hang out with Deg a bit at the SHA (happily for him, while watching UGA beat Florida), and hope to do the same soon with Darren at the AHA in January. Congratulations to all! I might mention that Dochuk was a Lilly Fellow at Valparaiso in 2006--07, following an august lineup of historians who made good use of the same postdoc, including John McGreevy, John Fea, and Mike Utzinger. Of course, I held the fellowship 1993-95, but enough time has passed that the ignominy caused by my time there has passed, and Fea, Dochuk, Utzinger, and others have restored honor to the program.


Edward J. Blum said…
Congratulations to Darren ... what incredible news.
Matt Hedstrom said…
Fantastic! Congrats to Darren.
Luke Harlow said…
Amazing news! And well deserved! Congrats, Darren.
DEG said…
Wow! Big congrats for a wonderful book!
Congratulations! What great news. And the win over Florida...what a weekend.

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