a collaborative genealogy of spirituality

Paul Harvey

Here's an amazing and moving introduction for you to A Collaborative Genealogy of Spirituality: Julie Byrne's "Saint February." It's impossible to excerpt, so just read it. Now. is a project bringing together some of the most creative minds on religious expression today, including some of our friends from Immanent Frame and Killing the Buddha. The experiment kicks off with 100 days of 100 different contributions from scholars, writers, and artists writing about "what they think of when they think of the word spirituality." The index of entries to date is here.

Here's a bit of the lineup and some links for more information.

Frequencies is an experiment. The experiment is simple:
Ask scholars, writers, and artists what they think of when they think of the word spirituality.

Here is the project statement.

Here is the list of terms we supplied.

Explore the results here.

Curators / Executive Editors – Kathryn Lofton and John Lardas Modern

Executive Producers / Senior Editors – Nathan Schneider and Jonathan VanAntwerpen

Here is the invitation we sent.


Edward J. Blum said…
looks fantastic; can't wait to follow along!

All the links are broken. Or my computer is. Sounds to fascinating to let technology beat it down!

Paul Harvey said…
Kevin: I tested all the links and they are working, so maybe was a temporary glitch. Anyone else having this problem?
Kathryn Lofton said…
Harvey! I was going to post about this next week (once we felt the glitches from the site were, you know, ironed out). John and I are super excited about it -- Julie's piece is gorgeous and there is more to come.
Paul Harvey said…
KL -- thanks! I love this whole project, but Julie's piece hit me especially hard for some reason. Can't wait for more -- great job ya'll.
Paul Harvey said…
And KL -- please post about this next week or whenever you've got bugs ironed out and everything ready. It won't hurt to repeat and publicize your great project some more.
Kathryn Lofton said…
will do, PH -- meanwhile, if anyone has thoughts or feedback about the site, John & I welcome them!
rjc said…
KL: site rocks. Not only the coolest site on the web, but the coolest URL, too!

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