Radio Free RiAH

Paul Harvey

My partner-in-crime Kelly (follow her on Twitter) and I (@pharvey61 for you tweeps) will be appearing tomorrow evening 8-9 p.m. Pacific time (that's like 9:00 a.m. for our vast followership in Mumbai) on the radio program "Life with Dr. Gluss." Kelly will be on from 8-8:30 PST, talking about her new book Gospel According to the Klan; I'll be on from 8:30 - 9, talking about, umm, not quite sure what, but generally about religion in American history, and doubtless religion and contemporary politics and psychology. This program streams live on the internet here. The show's host can be found here. Tune in for Kelly's part for sure, and then go do something useful with your life instead of wasting a perfectly good half hour on my segment.

Update: Randall will be appearing on the show August 26th! Part of RiAH's plan for world domination.


Randall said…
That's great. I look fwd to hearing it.

I'm scheduled to be on the show the following week, Aug 26.
Kelly Baker said…
Randall, I will listen to yours too. RiAH to the radio!
Stephen Henry said…
I just heard about the book today. I was searching for a book on the Klan's appeal to Protestant Americans of that era. I have just finished Hirsch's book on the Tulsa race riots and the Klan's anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish nature was touched upon briefly and I would like to learn more. I will certainly buy this book when it comes out.Looking forward to it.
Kelly Baker said…
Stephen, please let me know what you think of it when you read it. The book should be out by mid-September.