Summer/Fall issue of Fides et Historia

Randall Stephens

Donald Yerxa and I have taken the editorial reins of Fides et Historia, as editor and associate editor respectively. We look forward to exploring themes that the Conference on Faith and History has long been interested in, and branching out in some new directions as well.

We're putting together the Summer/Fall 2011 issue now, which will be available in November. This includes forums on religious belief and the historian's craft as well as a series of review essays and dozens of book reviews. Future issues will include a roundtable on "Beyond the Protestant Nation: Religion and the Narrative of American History"--organized by Chris Cantwell, with Robert Orsi, Richard Bushman, Catherine Albanese, Wallace Best and Lila Berwin--and another roundtable on bracketing faith and doing history. Fides will also continue to feature research articles and occasional interviews. Back and current issues will now be available through ATLA and EBSCO.

Here's our first table of contents (and the new cover that I designed):

Fides et Historia, Volume 43, No. 2, Summer/Fall 2011

From the Editor
Donald A. Yerxa

Forum: Reconciling the Historian’s
Craft and Religious Commitment


Mormon History Inside Out
Richard Lyman Bushman

Historians' Metaphysical Beliefs and the Writing of Confessional Histories
Brad Gregory

Coming to Terms as a Christian Historian with F. H. Bradley
Mark A. Noll

Writing Religious History as a Believer
Anthea Butler

The Wrong Question! Please Change the Subject!
David A. Hollinger

A Response to Bushman, Gregory, and Noll
Bruce Kuklick

Reflections on Reconciling Religious Belief and the Historian’s Craft
Paul E. Kerry

Roundtable: Confessing History


Confessing History: In Retrospect
Jay Green

Confessing History: Prospect
Eric Miller

Rick Kennedy

Donald A. Yerxa

Review Essays:

Catholic Approaches to Faith and History
Christopher Shannon

War’s Providence
Chris Beneke

Media Review:

God in America (WGBH, American Experience, Frontline)
Maura Jane Farrelly

On Teaching with God in America
Randall J. Stephens

Book Reviews


Paul Harvey said…
Heck of a lineup, Randall, congratulations!
Anonymous said…
Yes, this looks really interesting!

Curtis J. Evans

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