Jesus, the Ramones, and Michele Bachmann Send me 29th Birthday Greetings!

Paul Harvey

In a few hours I'm turning 29 (give or take a little, like 21 years), and better blog now before, rather than after, decanting the birthday present.

It's so nice to get birthday greetings already first from Jesus, about whom Ed Blum and I have recently written a book, culminating, as it had to, with Jesus and the Devil duking it out in the ring in an episode of South Park. And The Ramones also checked in with a wonderful birthday greeting for me (we'll go out on that below).

Almost as exciting, Michele Bachmann called in to offer me free reparative therapy (for my blog addiction, that is); Grover Norquist checked in and said for my birthday he already had given me his long-wanted present of drowning effective governance in the bathtub; Speaker Boehner already called to say he'll send me some additional revenue in exchange for my vote; and Rick Perry called to give me a special invitation to his big Prayer Rally (sponsored by the American Family Association, in Houston on August 6th! I sent my regrets, told him I was "needing to spend more time with my family," and assured him I would be sending Historianess in my stead.

Anyway, turning off all media for a few days, so see you all next week on the other side of a mid-life crisis! Until then, let's go out with some Ramones -- after a week in the news like the last one, we all wanna be sedated.


Edward J. Blum said…
you make 50 look damn good! here's hoping MJ has as sweet a jumper at 50 as you do.
Kathryn Lofton said…
dearest Paul, I celebrate you more than one day a year. but on this day you get a little more rhythm and syncopation to the regular commemoration. love, Katie
Randall said…
Happy B-day Paul!!! Party!!!
DEG said…
Happy birthday! And only 4 days until the Apocalypse. Way to squeeze it in there! !
Hey, how do you know what your present is already (unless you also decant puppies, and ties)? Plus, are you aloud to drink in Colorado Springs? Hope so, even if just for this occasion. Have a happy, happy birthday.
Happy 29th Birthday!!!!! Thank you for hosting this blog! You really do look a lot younger than 50.
Anonymous said…
nothing but love for Paul Harvey. Your friend and comrade, Joanna B.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Paul. So glad to be a part of this excellent community of scholarship (through your blog) and friendship. It was also good to see you (and register your facial responses!) at the IN conference.

Curtis J. Evans
Paul Harvey said…
@Ed, Randall, DEG, Curtis and Kevin: Thanks, dudes, let's keep this party rolling. But Ed, remember I am a "defensive specialist," coach-speak for "that guy couldn't make a basket if somebody physically picked him up and dunked his whole body through the hoop."

@Janine: A very nice thought, perhaps akin to "no, that doesn't make you look fat at all," but hey, I'll take it.

@KLofton: You are the Sunshine of my life!

@Joanna: I've already become a charter member of the Joanna for President league. Please pick Elizabeth Warren for your running mate.
M.E.Martin said…
Jesus, The Ramones, and Michelle Bachmann... what a show choir! Happy happy days, Paul! You're a credit to the race....:) Thinking of you every 29th...

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