Randall Stephens: The Lion in a Norway Winter

Paul Harvey

I'm a little posted out today, so just a brief Monday detour to throw a shout out to co-blogmeister Randall Stephens, who will be traipsing around Norway next year on a Fulbright "Roving Scholars" fellowship. Here's a story about it in the Boston Globe, with Randall at the lectern in fine form (so tempting to post that photo here, but I'll just let you click to see Prof. Stephens in his element). Congratulations, Randall, hope you can teach those Euros a thing or two about the wacky world of American religious history. From an excerpt in the article, sounds like that's the plan:

“It’s quite an honor,” Stephens said. “It’s the only country in the world that has this particular program. It’s the only one that has a Fulbright program like this sponsored by the host country, so the Norwegian government pays for it as well.”

From American immigration to post-World War II pop culture; from civil rights to the Civil War, Stephen’s talks will range the full expanse of 19-20th century cultural and religious history.

“[It’s about] how Americans make sense of their history,” Stephens said. “It’s a nice coincidence that it’s the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, and how we still fight about this history that dates back 150 years or more … there is a great interest in Europe about these ideological battles that have raged throughout history.”


Randall said…
Thanks Paul. I'll have to stifle the urge to focus on American religious grotesqueries.
Tracy said…
Randall, why ever stifle? Many congrats--
Matt Sutton said…
Norway will never be the same.
Kelly Baker said…
Congrats, Randall. That picture is quite glamorous :)
Christopher said…
Congrats, Randall.

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