God v. No God at Notre Dame

Paul Harvey

Our friend Nathan Schneider has a piece up at Religion Dispatches, and a related one at his own blog The Row Boat, about a "God debate" at Notre Dame between enfant terrible Sam Harris and evangelical philosopher William Lane Craig. The intro:

The University of Notre Dame had cause for its anxiety leading up to last week’s big debate between the New Atheist polemicist Sam Harris and the evangelical philosopher William Lane Craig. It’s said that all publicity is good publicity, but one needn’t strain too hard to find an exception—least of all in the history of God debates.

The rest is an interesting and fun account, which you can read here.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I read this article yesterday. Interesting, humorous and quirky are the ways I'd characterize. I think he's right, however, to note the way in which these kinds of debates almost never affect or alter views on either side.

Curtis J. Evans

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