Going Straight to Hell on a Crazy Train

By Michael J. Altman

Combining Paul's post of a Sarah Palin version of a classic song and Kelly's post about zombies, I bring you the best parody of Ozzy Osbourne ever. This comes courtesy of Westboro Baptist Church, the church that loves Jesus but probably hates you:

That's right, WBC is protesting Ozzy Osborne--a few decades late, if you ask me--making it official: "God hates Ozzy Osborne!"


Wayne Ratzlaff said…
All this talk of Zombies & Freddie Phelps' church almost makes me homesick for Kansas.

By the way, Kelly is wrong on the date of the apocalypse. According to an interview I heard recently with a spokewoman from familyradio.com, the end is much nearer: May 21, 2011. According to this website, the Bible guarantees it!
Kelly J. Baker said…
Wayne, I hope to have a long career of being wrong about the end :)

Mike, now I wonder if anyone else has used Palin and zombie in the same sentence.

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