Battle Hymn of the Palin

Paul Harvey

Ok, enough already with the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother; this one is more interesting. I normally leave this kind of stuff to Randall, our resident analyst of Christian kitsch, but it's mid-week in January, all of my teams are out of the playoffs, and I needed some cheering up. Also, the male singer here has a very nice, resonant George Jones-quality to his voice, and there's no bigger fan of George Jones than me (listen to the second line, "ingrained with common sense"; that's some pure Jones musical intonation there). As for the lyrics, well, this is not Stephen Sondheim, but what can you do?


Tom Van Dyke said…
Sarah Palin. Sigh.

Did anyone attend the AHA paper on

Environmental Morality and Artisanal Pork: Local Food to Save the Planet---
Thomas R. Dunlap, Texas A&M University

Now we're talkin'relevant.
Maffly-Kipp said…
Waking up to this song made my day, Paul. Thank you!
Art Remillard said…
That song completes me.
Anonymous said…
more like "Battle hymn of the pain"- referring to the pain I get listening to this song.
Kip Kosek said…
I've had this song in my head for a week. Please post the antidote. Now!
Uh, Kip, didn't you see the Westboro Baptist cover of Ozzy I posted? Perfect antidote.
Paul Harvey said…
Kip -- Yes, I was about to suggest the same as Mike. Alternatively, put on "Big Old Jet Airliner" by Steve Miller or "You Make Me Feel LIke Dancing" by Leo Sayre, and that should take care of the problem.

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