Religion in the American West Seminar

Paul Harvey

Sorry for being an absentee blogger as of late, hope to catch up this weekend with posts about the AAR. To start with, though, Tisa Wenger has provided an excellent summary/analysis of the Religion in the American West seminar panel; click here for it. The discussion there concerned the following presentations:

1. Travis Ross, “California Imagined: The Pacific Expositor and the Religious Imagination”
2. Jonathan Olson, “Not Merely Asiatic but Pagan: Religion, Chinese Exclusion, and the American West”
3. Barry Alan Joyce, “Creating an Axis Mundi in the American Southwest: Religion, Science, and the Sacred at Chaco Culture National Historic Park”
4. Brett Hendrickson, “Mexican-American Religious Healing and the American Spiritual Marketplace”

More post-AAR reflections will be coming up soon.