Runnin' Down the Dream

Paul Harvey

Glenn Beck is restoring honor: that is, restoring Martin Luther King's movement back to its true conservative, white roots. Stephen Colbert explains (starting at 2:53 below -- although earlier in the segment the Vatican endorsement of the Blues Brothers as a good film for Catholics is worth watching for sure). As Colbert explains, the date (August 28 -- the anniversary of King's speech) is divinely inspired because "whenever I tell people what he's doing, they always say, 'holy sh##t!'" As Jake and Elwood would say, he's on a mission from God. Actually, this Blues Brothers dialogue is more appropriate for pretty much any Beck-related post:

Jake: You lied to me.


Christopher said…
This is great. Thanks, Paul.

Interestingly, Beck's latest antics represent a departure from his two Mormon heroes, Cleon Skousen and Ezra Taft Benson, both of whom were quite outspoken in their dislike of MLK, Jr.
Kelly J. Baker said…
Just wow. I am not sure what my favorite line was in that clip but I am partial to "ape-theist." Christopher, your point is interesting, but I can't believe Beck's candor about how they didn't know the significance of the date. And then, through "divine providence," they can honor King and their own agendas. Again, wow.

Also, Paul or Christopher, have either of you moved through Beck's writings? If so, I would love to hear what you think.
Paul Harvey said…
Kelly: Beck is a descendant, intellectually speaking, of the people you study earlier in the 20th century -- so you ought to move through his writings (and those of other intellectual predecessors such as Cleon Skousen) and make some comparisons for us!

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