Rival Revivals: Some Religious History at the OAH

Paul Harvey

Those of you going to the OAH in Washington, D.C., April 6-9, should find much of interest in religious history to select from. Just wanted to point you to a couple of sessions of particular interest:

Here's one on religion in the Great Depression, a subject which is undergoing a sustained re-examination in a number of recent works:

Thursday, April 8, 8:30 a.m. (in the Hilton Washington Headquarters Hotel -- does anyone know why the room locations of these sessions are not printed?)

Rival Revivals: Religion, Politics, and Labor in the Great Depression

Chair: Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University

Revival or Revolt: Religious Foretelling at the Dawn of the Great Depression
Alison Greene, Yale University

“The Gospel Sends You Home Mad”: Rebellious Religion and Rural Protest in the 1930s South
Jarod Roll, University of Sussex

Was FDR the Antichrist? The New Deal and the Rise of Fundamentalist Antiliberalism
Matthew Avery Sutton, Washington State University

Comment: Ken Fones‑Wolf, West Virginia University

I've read Matt and Jarod's stuff that they're presenting here, and word on the street is that Alison's dissertation is terrific, so this promises to be a great session on some of the best new work from this period.

Then, at 1:45 on Thursday April 7 somewhere or other in the Hilton, we're going to have some fun dissecting the concept of religious freedom in American history:

New Approaches to Religious Freedom in American History

Chair: Tracy Fessenden, Arizona State University

History and Historiography in Church‑State Relations
Eric Mazur, Virginia Wesleyan College

Religion, Race, and Southern Ideas of Freedom
Paul Harvey, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Native Americans and the Dilemmas of Religious Freedom
Tisa Wenger, Yale University

Comment: Tracy Fessenden

Then, finally, very annoyingly scheduled for EXACTLY the same time (1:45 Thursday April 8), is a great-looking session on teaching religious history; maybe I'll draft the other Paul Harvey to read my paper above so I can sneak off to this session:

Teaching American Religious History:
Challenges and Strategies

Chair: Judith Weisenfeld, Princeton University

Laurie Maffly‑Kipp, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Deborah Dash Moore, University of Michigan
Rudy V. Busto, University of California, Santa Barbara
Rowena McClinton, Southern Illinois University

The full OAH program can be accessed here.


Randall said…
One more to add to those you mention:

(Re)Interpreting the Bible in Early American Culture

Chair: Chris Beneke, Bentley University

Unacquainted with Christianity’s Alphabet: American Rebuttals of Paine’s Age of Reason Jonathan Den Hartog, Northwestern College

The Qur’an, Natural Religion, and the Bible: The Uses of the Qur’an in Anti‐Deist Rhetoric in Early America Michael Lee, Messiah College

Bible Reading as Conversation in Colonial Massachusetts
Alexis Antracoli, Independent Scholar

Comment: Chris Beneke
Paul Harvey said…
R -- thanks. Actually there are several more to mention, including this one; I'll do a separate post for additional sessions.

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