Jonathan Z. Smith at CU Boulder: The Future of the Study of Religion Over the Next 40 Years

The following announcement comes to me from Deborah Whitehead, Professor of Religious Studies at CU-Boulder, and is especially directed for blog readers along the Front Range, Denver, Boulder, and northern Colorado.

Religion in the 21st Century: Renowned Scholar of Comparative Religion
Jonathan Z. Smith to Lecture at CU-Boulder, April 12-13.

Jonathan Z. Smith, distinguished professor of religion at the University of
Chicago, will visit CU April 12-13 as the Cox Family Visiting Scholar for 2010,
hosted by the Department of Religious Studies. Professor Smith will deliver a
lecture, "Now you see it, now you won't: The Future of the Study of Religion
over the Next 40 Years" on Tuesday, April 13, at 7pm in HUM 150. Prof. Smith
will also participate in a roundtable discussion on Monday, April 12, from 3-
5:30 pm in Old Main Chapel. All are invited to attend both events.

Jonathan Z. Smith's academic career at the University of Chicago has spanned
more than forty years. For a dozen years he served as Dean of the College. As
the Robert O. Anderson Professor of the Humanities, his consistently
provocative work has deeply influenced the academic study of religion. Having
powerfully shaped the last forty years of the study of religion, Smith's Cox
Family Visiting Scholar Lecture embarks on the bold venture of charting the
future of the study of religion over the next forty years. His distinguished
career includes the publication of seminal works on religion including Map Is Not Territory: Studies in the History of Religions (1978),
Imagining Religion: From Babylon to Jonestown (1982), To Take Place: Toward a
Theory of Ritual
(1987), and Relating Religion: Essays in the Study of Religion

For more information please contact the Department of Religious Studies at the
University of Colorado-Boulder, (303) 492-8041, or email AT colorado DOT edu.


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