Watch Night Greetings

Paul Harvey

Our 3rd annual Watch Night post -- time for all to hear Bessie Jones's rendition of Yonder Comes Day (disk one, track 17).

Read more about it in
"Singing and Shouting in Moving Star Hall" (J-STOR access required; it's from Guy and Candace Carawan, "Singing and Shouting in Moving Star Hall," Black Music Research Journal 15, Spring 1995, pp. 17-28).

Happy New Year to all. For K. Lofton -- your annual CD compilation has already made my New Year a good one.

And for you historian-geeks out there, Ambrose Bierce is back with a Christmas/New Year's greeting, a la Roger Angell, much fun insider reading. I'll even forgive him that Mary Dudziak, Tenured Radical, Ralph Luker made the greeting, while RiAH contributors got shut out. Better luck next year. See you then.