Religious Pluralism at the Tea Parties

Paul Harvey

From "Morons Holding Signs," a visual essay of post-racial America's vigorous culture of religious pluralism. One local religious spokesperson here after the election had asked for prayer for Obama because God could make good use even of pagan rulers, and for that reason I had thought they had moved on from "secret Muslim" to "pagan." Perhaps not.


Anonymous said…
You're being unfair. The sign calls Obama a half-breed type of cloth, not a pagan!

Chris Hill
Brad Hart said…
One word: DAMN!

On a side note, did Glenn Beck by chance make this sign? We already know that he can't spell to save his life:
John G. Turner said…
Reminds me of when I heard a Reformed Baptist pastor in rural Kentucky preach that Bill Clinton was only a pawn of the evil one, not the evil one himself. I found that sort of nuance refreshing.

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