Reassessing the Ethnohistory of Religious Experience in the Americas

Paul Harvey

The annual meeting of the American Society for Ethnohistory, publisher of the journal Ethnohistory, is being held Sept. 30 - Oct. 3 in New Orleans, at the Hotel Monteleone. A number of top early Americanists, including two of our contributors here (Lin Fisher and Mike Pasquier), are delivering papers, and I'm commenting, in a session on "Reassessing the Ethnohistory of Religious Experience in the Americas," -- Thursday afternoon, Oct. 1, 1:20 - 3:40. The session presents some cutting-edge research on early religious history in the Americas. The full program is here; our session is below.

Symposium: Reassessing the Ethnohistory of Religious Experience in the Americas

Room: Bienville

Organizer: Michael Pasquier (Louisiana State University)

Chair: Kenneth Mills (University of Toronto)

1:20-1:40 Linford D. Fisher (Brown University)
Christian Indians? On the Dangers of Homogenizing Indians’ Religious Experiences in Colonial New England

1:40-2:00 Martin Nesvig (University of Miami)
Criollo Priests along the Internal Frontiers of New Spain

2:00-2:20 Michael P. Gueno (Florida State University)
Contact Religion in Nuevo Mexico: Reevaluating the Spectrum of Religious Variation in colonial Pueblos\

2:20-2:40 Karen B. Graubart (University of Notre Dame)
Finding Order in the Colonial City: Learning from cofradias de morenos e indios in 17th century Lima

2:40-3:00 Michael Pasquier (Louisiana State University)
Overlooking the Tunica Treasure: Colonial Ruptures and New Moralities in French Louisiana

3:00-3:20 Paul Harvey (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), Discussant

3:20-3:40 Discussion


Anonymous said…
dude, have fun. That looks like a tremendous panel!!!

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