Know Your Archives, Part VII: A Cry From the Wheaton Wilderness

The following is from Eric Brandt, a graduate student at Wheaton who's going to the Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary to do some research.

In the spirit of the recent posts on archival escapades, I am curious to know if anyone has been to the archives of the Burke Library at Union Seminary (NYC) in the Columbia University Libraries system. I'm a grad student at Wheaton College and in the beginning stages of research on the American Evangelical Alliance. As far as I'm aware, the Burke Library houses the largest collection of material from the Alliance. If anyone has been to the Burke archives, I'd be very interested to get some advice along the lines of what's been discussed on the blog recently (logistics, staff, work environment, etc.). Contact me at eric.brandt AT my DOT wheaton DOT edu, or better yet leave your advice in the comments section here.


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