Harry the Devil

by Matt Sutton

I have never liked Harry Potter. My wife discovered the Potter books just before we left for our honeymoon in Maui. Much to my dismay, she spent most of the week in bed with the wizard of
Hogwarts, when there were many, many other things she could and should have been doing besides reading.

So, I was glad to learn in the L.A. Times today that according to ex-Bush official Matthew Latimer the White House chose not to give Potter author J. K. Rowling a U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Bushies apparently felt that since the Potter books “encouraged” teen witchcraft, they should not get the blessing of the White House. Amen and amen.


Randall said…
I'm sure someone is doing some awesome research on the "Devil in Harry Potter." The Sword of the Lord folks have probably had a field day with Satan's Potter.

It's also sorta a test for where folks are on the political/cultural spectrum, right? Ask someone if they think that Harry Potter is demonic... If they answer yes, then maybe that shows a certain high level sectarianism and a high fundie score.

I've been thinking about another test like this. Here's a couple of questions that I think the Pew folks should send to 35,000 random Americans:

1)"Do you think that children ages six and under should be preachers?"

2)"Should churches ordain so-called 'baby preachers'?"

Tisa Wenger said…
Well, given that I'm now reading the entire series out loud for the third time--my kids love it and so do I--I guess I'd fall on the other end of Randall's Potter-spectrum. Speaking as a dyed-in-the-wool leftie, I find wonderful ethical resources in Potter-world, towards valuing diversity and rejecting notions of racial purity. And J.K. Rowling is just a brilliant storyteller. So there.
Anonymous said…
You know you can get those crazy Harry Potter jelly beans, right? Some of them are gross ... like dirt and grass.
Jason Bivins said…
I've actually never read any of the books, but Tisa's comment reminds me of a short piece James Morone wrote for Dissent several years ago, defending the virtues embodied by Dumbeldore (sp?), et. al.
Matt Sutton said…
Tisa--I actually really liked the books too.
Ed, the sardines and vomit were the worst I had. But I do remember you telling me that the booger ones tasted pretty authentic.
fatedplace said…
Can we get a real post on this topic from your great blog? I mean, instead of this whiny trash-talking complaint? I expect more from y'all, and I'm asking for it!

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