New Life's New Life, and Why Love Isn't Winning Out

Paul Harvey

This says something about the state of contemporary evangelicalism. Or not. I report, you decide.

New Life Adding Services Amid Growing Attendance, in today's Colorado Springs Gazette, chronicles the turnaround and revival of the New Life Church of Colorado Springs, most recently famous for its latest celebrity evangelical bad boy caught in flagrante, Ted Haggard. Under new management now, the church is thriving, with a steady and distinctly uncharismatic pastor, Brady Boyd. I am quoted in the article, as usual pontificating on matters of which I know little or nothing. Gayle Haggard (a strikingly calm and composed woman given the hell she's been through) is writing a memoir of her famous marriage. The church has largely withdrawn from social commentary, engaging in grassroots growth efforts, especially with local military families, and apparently with success.

Meanwhile, budget shortfalls at Focus on the Family (due largely to declines in philanthropic giving over the last two years, a problem not unique to Focus for sure) have compelled it to cut its "Love Won Out" conferences, which purportedly helped "men and women dissatisfied with living homosexually [to] understand that same-sex attractions can be overcome." Responding to the latest report of the American Psychological Association, a "gender issues analyst" at Focus said "that the APA report is flawed because the agency begins with the false assumption that homosexuality is ok." More on the story here.


Christopher said…
Paul, that's really interesting about the recent resurgence of the New Life Church. I'm not very familiar with Brady Boyd. What's his story? Was he associated with NLC during Haggard's tenure, or did he come from outside the old congregation? Also, is there any sense of whether any of the congregants who left after the Haggard scandal are among those who are again filling the pews?
As long as the giant globe of NLC's World Prayer Center keeps turning, I'm sure the flock will keep flocking... Great work, Paul! I love the new design.
Paul Harvey said…
Chris: Boyd came from Texas, where I believe he pastored a NL-like megachurch someplace. I think the new folks they are attracting aren't those who left, but new people to town, especially military people of which we're getting a bunch lately. But then again I have no actual evidence for that, just an impression.

Nathan: Thank Randall for the design, he did it, and thanks for the comment.

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