Happy Birthday to Us

Paul Harvey

Yesterday, this blog turned two years old, and no one threw me a pity party! So, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to (more accurately, procrastinate if I want to).

So, happy birthday to us. I think 2 years is like middle-aged in blog years, right? We're sailing along with around 300 - 400 hits per day (more than that whenever we post about Sarah Palin, but you're not always so lucky). I'm happy that someone reads this.

Anyway, here's a few things we're working on for the near future. In the meantime, keep those good posts and comments coming.

1) Randall is working on a image site redesign so it won't look so, well,
you know, pre-formatted and unoriginally blogspotty. So we should have a revamped and better-imaged look up sometime reasonably soon.

2) Our author interviews with Emma Anderson, Kate Engel, Tisa Wenger, and others have proven popular and also useful for those authors, so look for more of those.

3) We've added a "search" feature recently so readers can do a google-style search just for material on the blog.

4) Kelly recently created a facebook fan page for us, and our fans now number in the triple digits! You facebookers, give it a look.

5) We've added a number of contributing editors recently, and are always open to others who are interested. The more, the merrier. So if you're interested, just contact me and we'll talk.

6) Several of our contributing editors -- John Fea, Phil Sinitiere, Gerardo Marti, and others -- have created their own blogs and are going gangbusters there. Someone once said be fruitful and multiply, and unlike most other commandments, we're actually following this one.

7) Let me know what else you would like to see here, not see here, or what other suggestions you have. And have a nice summery drink on us tonight.


Christopher said…
Happy blog birthday, Paul, et al. The RiAH blog is much appreciated by this grad student trying to keep up with the latest scholarship in the field. I'm glad to hear that a site redesign in the works, and look forward to more author interviews. If you're serious about suggestions of what you'd like to see more of, I remember awhile back your review of Leigh Schmidt's Hearing Things and a promise of more updated reviews of other "essential texts" of American religious history, and would love to see that started up again.

Again, congrats and thanks for all of the effort put into the blog. It is one of 2 or 3 sites visit daily and read (nearly) everything that is posted.
Paul Harvey said…
Good idea on the updated reviews, Chris. Thanks for stopping by regularly -- Paul
Shirley said…
Happy birthday, dear blog. What a great community you are forming here. The internet allows us to be in a virtual Linwood House forever. I can get a cup of coffee, read your blog, and pretend I've wandered down the stairs to visit.
Anonymous said…
Happy blog birthday, Paul. Over the last few months, I've spent some time examining your blog and just a few days ago, I found the interviews by Emma Anderson (whom I remember from my days at Harvard), Tisa Wenger, and others. These are very useful and helpful. Please keep these coming. I second the comment about updated reviews of essential texts in American religion. I'm always amazed, Paul, at your ability to keep on top of so many things and to read so many books. I know of only one other author person who who seems to have read everything: Kathryn Lofton.

Keep up the good work.

Curtis Evans
Brad Hart said…
Happy birthday, Religion in American History! This is one of my favorite blogs (and I can say that without appearing to be a "suck up" now that I am graduated).

Since you are asking for suggestions, how about more material on early America? Or the "Christian Nation?" =) I don't have a personal interest in this...honestly!

Excellent job and keep up the good work!
DEG said…
Happy Birthday!!! Now that the blog is in the terrible two's, does this mean more tantrums?

Seriously though, I can't think of a thing I'd change. All around, great work everyone.
Jason Bivins said…
Kudos from me too. This blog has become an invaluable, and highly enjoyable, resource. Thanks to all of you for the work and creativity that goes into keeping it active.

Put me down for a tantrum later in the year, or at least perhaps a post about religion and jazz sometime this summer.
Kathryn Lofton said…
You are very kind, Curtis, but the crown is truly Paul's. Promise us, Paul, that when you do your site redesign, you won't leave Kate and those adorable eight Gosselin children behind. Just because you're wearing diamond studs now does not mean you can shirk your reproductive responsibilities. Birthday buoyancy from so. CT, K
Phil said…
Good work, Paul. Looking forward to the makeover, and the new conversations that will take place.

Plus, with a facebook page the blog is positioned for nothing but good things in the future. Joel Osteen would say this blog has favor, and Rick Warren would come up with a nifty acronym to explain that the blog is purpose-driven.
Gerardo Marti said…
a belated 'congrats' from me too. Love all this history stuff - more people should read it. I'm spreading the word...

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