New Contributing Editor, and New Future Contributing Editor

New Year News

First, our periodic guest poster Gerardo Marti, who blogs at Praxis Habitus, has agreed to sign on here as our latest contributing editor. So an overdue and warm welcome to Gerardo. His thoughts on the widespread coverage of the study showing the ineffectiveness of teen virginity pledges, but what other uses such pledges may implicitly have, may be found here. A special piece on Gerardo from the Davidson College website, featuring a discussion of his book Hollywood Faith, is here.

Second, our contributing editor, "top young historian," and Jimmy Buffet-quoting controversialist extraordinaire Matt Sutton welcomed his second child, Nathan, around 8 p.m. on New Year's Eve. Ever pragmatic as always, Matt made sure he arrived under the "full-year tax write-off" deadline. Congratulations, Matt! We expect to see Nathan here in 18 years or so as our next contributing editor.


Phil said…
Welcome, Gerardo. Happy to see you on board, and look forward to your insightful posts.

Congrats, Matt. This is great news.