"The Black Church" on the Radio, and Miscellany

Paul Harvey

Monique Parsons of "Day to Day" has interviewed Curtis Evans, Jalane Schmidt, myself, and various others at the AAR, and prepared a nice report on the history of African-American Christianity as well as current discussions of the term "the black church" -- click here for her radio report. Hat tip to Randall for sending me the link.

In other news: Ralph Luker has posted his extended review of David Chappell's Stone of Hope --it's from a conference paper a few years back, and continues the dialogue that Chappell takes up especially in his extensive footnotes and bibliographic references for his work.

Meanwhile, H-SHEAR is running an extended series of essays about and critiques of Daniel Walker Howe's What Hath God Wrought, the one and only work of American history that I know of that is dedicated to the memory of John Quincy Adams. The series of reviews essays is introduced here. Various prominent historians take up different angles on the work -- most relevant for this blog, see Manisa Sinha on slavery and race in the book, and next week Bertram Wyatt-Brown will post his response on religion and reform (I'll put the link up when it's available).