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Art Remillard
Professor, former Marine, marathon finisher, father, son, husband, and now... Dudeist priest. It was a difficult road. To those of you who were with me all along, may the Dude be with you.

Arthur Remillard

December 11, 2008


Randall said…
I got to point an click for mine!

Reminds me of the beer school that is at Busch Gardens in Florida.
Tim Lacy said…
Is being a Dudeist Priest anything like being related to Judas Priest? ;) - TL
John G. Turner said…
Are the Latter-day dudes a restoration of the ancient order of dudes?
Anonymous said…
Good article I appreciated that
Randall said…
I'm hoping this is connected to Lebowski, The Dude of all Dudes.
Art Remillard said…
Is there any other Dude? Here's a good NPR clip on Dudeism. I must give the Dudeist folks credit. To define their "religion," they applied Ninian Smart's dimensions of relgion. But wait, isn't that un-Dude-like? Time to call a council.

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