Thanksgiving Op-Eds

By John Fea

Thanksgiving offers an opportunity for historians, critics, and pundits of all kinds to think historically about the day. Here are a few of today's efforts:

Kenneth C. Davis in the New York Times on the French "pilgrims" who predated the ones who came to Plymouth.

Andrew Beahrs in the New York Times on Mark Twain and the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Brad Hart at American Creation on George Washington's Thanksgiving Day proclamation.

Boston 1775 on the 1774 Thanksgiving proclamation of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress.

Millard Fillmore's Bathtub on Texas's claim on the First Thanksgiving.

Karl Jacoby sets the record straight in the Los Angeles Times.

The Boston Globe on how an influential editor of a Boston women's magazine convinced Abraham Lincoln to declare a national day of thanksgiving.

Larry Tise in the Chicago Sun-Times on how our holiday bird got its name.

Ira Stoll in the Wall Street Journal on Samuel Adams and Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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