Sutton Named Top Young Historian

By Randall Stephens

And young, and top, and historian he is. At 33, Matt's been recognized by the History News Network for his excellent writing, research, and classroom prowess. A typical student review of a Sutton course: "He's amazing. I absolutely loved his class. He made a subject that I care very little about into something so interesting. I was always excited to got to his class." He's published articles, written a stellar book, and racked up awards at an astonishing rate. Just take a look at the long list of favorable reviews of Aimee Semple McPherson and the Resurrection of Christian America!

Matt's amusing anecdote is a humbling reminder to me of the times I've worn underpants on the outside of my trousers, come to school wearing two ties, or run over students (by accident) with my Honda CRV. Still trying to get that college sweatshirt out of the grill.


Phil said…
Way to go, Matt. Congrats.

Love the story about the inside-out Polo shirt. Perhaps owing to the stresses of dissertation writing, two years ago I wore a sweater vest inside out to a department function. Mercifully, one of my colleagues quietly pointed out my mistake. I still don't know how many people noticed.
Anonymous said…
Nice one, Matt! Hearty congratulations.
Anonymous said…
I cannot think of many scholars who deserve this recognition more. Sutton, in my estimation, would be considered a top historian regardless of his age. I congratulate HNN for being so smart.
Robert Cornwall said…

You should have stayed at Oakland U so we could hang out and talk about Aimee -- but congrats anyway!

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