Sober Reflections

Our Ed Blum has some of the best post-election analysis I've read in an essay at Religion Dispatches. It should be required reading for Obama supporters and detractors. Striking a Niebuhrian tone (in my mind, at least), Blum compares this year's "day of Jubilee" to that experienced at the end of the Civil War:

When we think of Obama as "savior-elect," we court trouble. When we forget history we weaken our own resolve; mysteries can be dangerous and days of Jubilee do not always end with eras of sublimity.

You can hear more of Ed's thoughts by listening to a San Diego NPR panel.


Anonymous said…
Is just me, but I can't link to essay.
Paul Harvey said…
The link was messed up -- now fixed, so try again.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for that Link Paul. I think that sober assessments nearly always yield more progressive results. I shall pass the article to my friends who's polarization has given me ideological whiplash this election season. Excellent, well balanced article in my opinion. Without detracting one bit from the historic nature of the election of this president.
Matt Sutton said…
Nice piece Ed, as usual.

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