Subject to Debate: Creation v. Evolution

Randall J. Stephens

My colleague and co-author Karl Giberson is participating in a beliefnet debate with Ken Ham, creationist entrepreneur and voice of protest for millions of conservative Christians. Karl begins the debate with "Why I am not a creationist." Ham, the founder of a multimillion dollar creation museum and a media empire, follows this with "The Bible Teaches Creationism," his rumination on literalism, evidence, and the perils of secular science.

If you've ever wondered why this 19th-century fossil--that is, creationism--has not been buried yet, now's your chance to find out more. As is evident from the exchange, representatives from the two sides speak different languages. Still, this is a useful and illuminating exercise. The PR machine at Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis website is already revving up.


Matt Sutton said…
Randall--when will you get a shot at Ham?
Randall said…
Alas, I'm afraid I never will.

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