Trouble the Water

Paul Harvey

Following up on Mike's last post, and our previous discussion of the special Katrina issue of the Journal of Southern Religion -- the new film Trouble the Water appears to be a must-watch (has anyone here seen it yet?). The film captures Kimberly Rivers Roberts and Scott Roberts, two New Orleans Katrina survivors whose video camera provides an inside view of the days during and after Katrina. Of the film, Richard Corliss writes:

In the gritty, buoyant Kim they [the filmmakers] found a person who symbolized both the lower depths of urban life and the resilience, when faced with an impossible challenge, to rise to a level higher than flood tide. Maybe Kim, Scott and their crew were no angels before Katrina, but that doesn't matter--because in Trouble the Water, we see the lives of the saints.

The filmmakers recently were interviewed on Bob Edwards Weekend, and you can view the trailer above.


I have seen it, Paul, and found it very, very moving. While not intending to be about religion or addressing it directly, the film presents a complex and challenging view of the power of religion in the lives of a number of participatnts (in ways that get at Mike's questions about "religon-in-the-moment").

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