People Magazine for Historians

Paul Harvey

Just a brief digression from our blog's business. The below is from Ralph Luker, and features a new site that may be diverting for the historians who lurk here. Would be fun if someone started (or if there already exists) a similar site for Religious Studies.

Ambrose Hofstadter Bierce, III, at The Broad-Gauged Gossip, may have the hottest new site as the "Wonkette" of the the history blogosphere. He* specializes in, well, history gossip -- the latest travail at Princeton, Rutgers, Stanford, Texas, or whatever. As Rebecca Goetz at Historianess points out, internet gossip can be deeply misleading, but so far as I can tell Ambrose Hofstadter Bierce, III, knows his business. Brother Bierce welcomes your contributions, sent to bierce*dot*history* at*yahoo*dot*com. Hat tip.*Could be "she's." Can't be certain.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Now, back to Katrina and the JSR.


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