Faith 2008

Paul Harvey

Here's a compilation site that may interest some, from the Berkley Center for REligion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University: Faith 2008, described as follows: The Faith 2008 Database tracks religious rhetoric in the campaign by candidate and theme, and features historical and international comparisons.

This site links closely with Jacques Berinerblau, The God Vote: A collaboration with Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive's On Faith site, The God Vote explores the role of faith in this year's election. It is featured here as well as on Georgetown/On Faith.

Just more smack for you political junkies. As for me and my house, I am too busy waiting impatiently for Season 5 of the The Wire to appear on DVD to follow every in-and-out of religion in this year's election, so these sites add to those already blogrolled to the left for some good shortcuts.


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