GIS'ing Religion and Culture in the Atlantic World -- Professional Development Opportunity

Religion and Culture in the Atlantic World
(Posted for John Corrigan of Florida State University):

An NEH-funded initiative undertaken collaboratively by Florida State University, West Virginia University, and Indiana University will gather a small group of scholars interested in religion and culture in the Atlantic World for a series of three workshops in 2008-2009. The purpose of the workshops will be to discuss ways in which to spatially organize data about the Atlantic. We will brainstorm ways in which to utilize the electronic mapping capabilities of GIS (Geographic Information System) and, more pointedly, imagine how the humanities can be better served by such technology. Ideally, we would like to build a model for a Humanities GIS by using GIS to display information about the Atlantic.

We do not expect participants to be trained in GIS, but all participants should develop some familiarity with it in the early stages of the project. We are seeking persons who have an interest in exploring ways in which the humanities can collaborate more actively with the social sciences, and especially through adapting the electronic mapping technology of GIS (and the multimedia displays - images, audio, text, and so forth - that can complement it) to the agendas of the humanities.

Participants will meet three times, likely in the fall of 2008, spring of 2009, and fall of 2009. The first meeting will be in Indianapolis and the second two in Tallahassee. The project will cover all travel expenses of participants and pay small honoraria for participation in the second and third meetings.

We seek a group of approximately 6-8 persons. Please contact John Corrigan (jcorrigan AT fsu DOT edu) if you are interested in joining the project. We expect to have a complete team in place by mid-July, 2008.


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