Guilt As An Inherent Feature of Relaxation


In a recent conversation, a colleague reminded me of an oft-forwarded e-mail entitled, "You Might Be a Graduate Student If..." While I received the forward often at Florida State, I never saved it. So (instead of doing real work) I performed a quick Google search, which led me to this list. Many of the items still apply to my post-graduate student life. Here are my top three picks. Feel free to add your own...
  1. You understand jokes about Foucault.
  2. You have accepted guilt as an inherent feature of relaxation.
  3. Your friends and family become concerned because although you can now recite, word for word, the most popular theories in your field, you have lost all semblance of common sense.


deg said…
Probably the best Onion article out there on this very matter.
Kelly Baker said…

This is a key analysis, even when I am grading (work that I get minimally paid for) I feel guility for not working on the diss. Does this mean folks who go into graduate school have a large guilt switch than others? I am beginning to think so :)