Buffet of the Spirit and Redneck Judaism


Following our blog's discussion of the recent Pew survey, here's a funny and engaging personal reflection on one man's conversion to Judaism. A nice passage which fits with memories of my younger years:

In the Protestantism of my childhood, the Bible, especially the New Testament, was meant to be read, but reverentially. The words were cast in stone; they didn’t resonate with the earthy energy that I find in Torah.

Dana Jennings, author of this piece, also recently published Sing Me Back Home: Love, Death, and Country Music, where he chases some dragons of his own past in a manner akin to Gram Parsons in the next blog entry below.


Anonymous said…
Favorite line:

"But religions, if nothing else, are metaphors for how we choose to lead our lives, how we choose to defy the empty cultural whirlwind."