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The Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life has a new blog for discussion of religion and the 2008 election (what K. Lofton called here before the "spastic clatter" of politics -- what junkie can resist?). Today's entry, for example, features a discussion of Focus on the Family's candidate guide:

Focus on the Family's new online candidate guide is must-see for anyone following religion and the campaign. As Michael Scherer points out on Time Magazine's Swampcast blog, the thing amounts to a kick in the rear for Mike Huckabee and a covert endorsement of Mitt Romney . . .

To go along with that, the Center's latest Religion in the News newsletter features a number of pieces on religion (including "Men in Green," on faith-based environmentalism), and the (rapidly dwindling number of) candidates.

Mark Silk and company (who previously directed the 8-volume Religion by Region series, which we've blogged about before) run the newsletter and the blog; here's Mark explanation for liveblogging religion and the election:

These days, when the going gets tough, the tough go blogging, so that’s what we’ve decided to do. Since the beginning of December, a Greenberg Center blog, Spiritual Politics, has been following religion and the campaign. For those of you who wish to check it out—and we hope you do—it can be found at http://www.spiritual-politics.org.

The idea is to provide daily tracking of the way religion seems to be enhancing, disturbing, and otherwise interacting with the 2008 election cycle. As is our wont, we are trying to do this in a reasonably non-partisan way, though not without attitude. Most of the posts are by your editor, aided and abetted by trusty undergraduate fellow Reid Vineis.

From time to time, however—and we hope more frequently as time goes on—there will be posts from such learned commentators on religion in American public life as John Green, Jan Shipps, Gary Dorrien, Richard Wood, and Jerome Chanes. With any luck, Spiritual Politics will become must-read commentary on the state of religious play in the campaign, and perhaps beyond.


Jmanlefty said…
Are you the radio Paul Harvey? I see Huckabee wants to amend the Constitution to stick God and Jesus in it. Also wants to ban the pill. On the Morning Joe show he suggested that it was Christianity that led to the abolition of slavery in the 1860's. Amazing to me cause he's a Southern Baptist preacher. The whole reason the "Southern" sect was formed, was to allow slave owners to stay in good religious stead, yet keep their slaves?

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