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I've been flipping through an introductory text in American religious history that might interest some of you: Lynn Bridgers, The American Religious Experience: A Concise History (Rowman and Littlefield, 2006). Rowman and Littlefield have been doing a number of short, introductory texts in American religious history, which we'll feature here from time to time (including one on religion and the Civil War, Both Prayed to the Same God). It could work for some of you who teach American religious history as advanced high school AP courses or lower-division undergraduates. It's short, leaving plenty of room for supplementary readings that students usually like better anyway. The author divides the material up into chapters that follow particular religious traditions.

P.S.: I gave myself a Christmas present of ordering and watching Season 4 of The Wire. So I'll re-recommend Darren's post on The Wire, from last summer, a mini-essay worthy of this riveting series.


Anonymous said…
Paul, Interesting post. For the rest of the list, I have to teach the Intro to American Religion next year and I'm trying to find a text. I was thinking of Marsden's interpretive book _Religion in American Culture_, but wasn't sure it does all the things a text should do. Alternately, I wonder what people think of Gaustad's _A Religious History of America_? Any thoughts would be useful.
Art Remillard said…
Good stuff. I'll need to check it out. Actually, I think I'll stick with _Themes in Religion and American Culture_ ;)
DEG said…
I'm running with Butler, et al's Religion in American Life: A Short History this term (coupled with selections from Griffith's American Religions and a course packet I put together). I'll let y'all know how it goes.

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