AHA Sessions


I'm not able to attend the AHA this year, but if I were there, here's where I would be: a session with papers continuing the re-examination of white southerners during the civil rights years, religion, and the rise of modern conservatism. IN each case, the authors explore the conflict between national faith communities and local resistance during and after the civil rights movement.

Sunday, January 6, 8:30–10:30 A.M.
198. Southern White Christianity and the Civil Rights Movement, 1954–80
Marriott, McKinley Room
A session of American Historical Association

Jason C. Sokol, Cornell University

White Evangelicals and Massive Resistance: Mississippi’s Church Property Bill
Carolyn Renee Dupont, Eastern Kentucky University

"Born of Conviction": White Methodists and Mississippi’s "Closed Society"
Joseph T. Reiff, Emory & Henry College

Religion in the Private School Movement: A Case Study of Private Schools in North Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi
Joseph H. Crespino, Emory University

Edward Blum, San Diego State University


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