Luke Harlow, New Edition of Religion and American Politics

I'm pleased to post a contribution from our newest contributing editor, Luke Harlow!!

Luke is a graduate student at Rice with John Boles, where he's completing a dissertation entitled "From Border South to Solid South: Religion, Race, and the Making of Confederate Kentucky, 1840-1880." Luke has also (already!) co-edited the new edition of an old standard in the field, Religion and American Politics, about which more below. Welcome to Luke Harlow and we look forward to his continuing blogged thoughts in the upcoming days!

Luke Harlow, Religion and American Politics

Thanks to an invitation from Paul Harvey, Mark Noll and I are pleased to announce the recent publication of a volume we edited, Religion and American Politics: From the Colonial Period to the Present, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press). In general, the book offers a well-researched, judicious, academic treatment of a subject that has recently been accorded much more heat than light. While no single volume can treat every aspect of religion and American politics, the book is unusually broad in its coverage and unusually perceptive in its analysis.

Many readers of this blog will recognize Religion and American Politics as an update of the original edition (published 1990). This new edition retains nine chapters from the original, along with two chapters revised for this version, eight completely new chapters, and a collection of briefer essays from five knowledgeable observers from outside the United States. The volume contains contributions from some of the best historians at work in American religious history, as well as significant offerings from sociologists and political scientists.

Contributors include: Margaret Bendroth, Ruth Bloch, Richard Carwardine, Bente Clausen, Darren Dochuk, Michael Emerson, Sébastien Fath, John Green, James Guth, Robert Handy, Luke Harlow, Nathan Hatch, J. Russell Hawkins, James Hennesey, Daniel Walker Howe, Mark Hutchinson, Lyman Kellstedt, George Marsden, John Murrin, Mark Noll, Massimo Rubboli, Manfred Siebald, Corwin Smidt, Peter Steinfels, Harry Stout, Robert Swierenga, John F. Wilson, Robert Wuthnow.


Rebecca said…
Welcome, Luke, to the Venerable Society of Academic Bloggers!
DEG said…
Huzzahs for Luke!
Howell Williams said…
Welcome. I'd love to hear how you are doing. We need to catch up. I'll be returning to our alma matter in the spring to teach in religion dept. Crazy.
Anonymous said…
With Luke Harlow now connected to this blog, it finally has some respectability :). Joking, joking. The collection looks great Luke - congrats.
Luke Harlow said…
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. It's nice to be on board.
John Fea said…
Luke: Glad to have you join us! I am looking forward to reading the updated version of Religion and Politics. I have always found the Murrin essay to be worth its weight in gold. Welcome!

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