If God Doesn't Exist, then Everything is Permissible; Oh, Ok, Never Mind, There Is a God

Did Dostoevsky have the Rockies in Mind? 4-0 sweep of Diamondbacks, fair enough, but c'mon -- 21 out of 22 victories, miraculous come-from-behind victory in bottom 13th just to make the playoffs, one weird lucky break after another, sweep Phillies (3-0) and sweep Dbacks? No way. No. Way.

Yes, it must be God's will. No other explanation for the muffed ground ball that led to the Rockies' 6-run inning that won the game. Agnostics, come to the altar at (ahem) Coors Field.

God's on a Rocky Mountain High.


DEG said…
21 out of 22 is unheard of in baseball. "Re-donk-ulous" as the local Athens sports guy put it.

Wish some of that magic would rub off on our Dawgs.

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